Terms and Tips
-All mounts and antlers are kept under lock and key. Jake Rowe Taxidermy is NOT responsible for loss due to theft and fire.

-All in-house tanning is done with the industries finest tanning supplys but poor field care can cause results to vary. All tanning is at customers risk.

-Customers have 30 days to pay for mount in full once the customer is notified that the mount is completed unless other arrangements have been made. Mounts are subject to storage charges after 90 days.

-Any mount that is not picked up within 30 days of completion is subject to be sold for the remaining balance.

-Deposit is non-refundable once ANY work has been preformed.

In order to ship Jake Rowe Taxidermy a migratory bird (ducks ect.), a Migratory Bird Tag must be filled out, signed and be shipped with the bird. You can get a copy of this tag by clicking the link below.
Head/Neck Junction
Cut Approx. 3 " down
1- Never cut/stick an animals throat that is intended to be mounted.
2-In order to get a full shoulder mount,you must start skinning behing the front legs, skin up the neck, cut head off leaving skin attached.
3- After skinning, place in plastic bag and freeze until delivered to Jake Rowe Taxidermy.
4-Lifesize mounts, coyote sized and smaller, should only be skinned by a professional or brought to Jake Rowe Taxidermy whole.
To Assure Yourself a Good Mount
Shipping Birds and Migratory Bird Tag
Watkinsville, GA
Jake Rowe Taxidermy
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